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Lymphatic drainage treatment

Lymphatic drainage system

The lymphatic system aids the immune system in removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins, and even cancer cells. It also:

  • Absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and delivers these nutrients to the cells of the body where they are used by the cells.
  • The lymphatic system also removes excess fluid, and waste products from the interstitial spaces between the cells.

Lymphatic drainage treatment

  • This is regarded as the best toxin removal treatment
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system using a series of gentle series of treatments that gently massage the body. Comparable to a deep tissue massage but for the lymphatic system. It can also be customized to the level of your preference and depth so it is comfortable.
  • It stimulates the circulatory BODY FACE STARVAC
  • A body without waist products has an excellent metabolic processes

Results of lymphatic drainage treatment

  • Removes toxins
  • Removes tissue swelling
  • Body stores less fat
  • Body decreases the amount of food to feel full
  • Body does not crave carbs any more
  • Raises the immune system
  • Scientific research: Lymph massage is the best way to prevent cancer

After 10 Lymphatic Drainage treatments. Courtesy from MedVSpa

The arrow emphasizes the attention on the area with the lymphatic stack. Body trie to surround the area which is a depot of fluid and waist products. Tissues come through 3 processes; Swelling, sclerosis and fibrosis. On the photo is shown how the area of stuck and fibrosis removed.


Different types of cellulite demand a different approach for each. There are three types of cellulite:

    a. It is clear that treatment for the “Swollen” type of cellulite will be focused of removal swelling from the deep tissues and drain them.
    a. “Cellulite that appears as the result of the fat cell growth, “Big Fat Cells” treatment will focus on lipolysis from the beginning and have the body detox as a goal for normalizing metabolic processes.
    a. Fibrotic” cellulite treatment will demand that we destroy the fibrotic tissues and increase microcirculation.

Cellulite treatment

    a. Drainage: fluids and toxins removal from the Legs, Arms and Stomach
    a. We will shrink the fat cells through a process called lypolisys on the areas of the Knee, Stomach, Arms and Buttocks
    a. We will work to destroy fibrotic tissues all over the body


BODY SHAPE We will stimulate the local lipolysis (shrinking of the fat cell) in the areas of fat traps and reduce tissue swelling.
MEN Abdomen (lose volume)
WOMEN Decrease 1-2 dress sizes
SKIN Improves microcirculation
  • Improves tissue oxygen and nutrient supply
  • Improved collagen formation
  • Smooth skin
  • Well hydrated skin
  • Warm feet and thighs
  • Healthy looking skin
Result after 10 Starvac treatment courtesy from MedVSpa

Why is starvac unique and how do we get

Hand massage gives some results; however it is impossible go as deep as Starvac can penetrate into the tissues. Hand massages are also not focused on the Lymphatic system. Starvac is the only one vacuum mechanical system that allows us to focus the treatment on areas that stimulate lypolisys (shrinking of the fat cells) and focus on the lymphatic drainage system. Our Starvac treatment is a massage for all body which works as the main factor to improve body metabolism.

How it works

1. Cups are placed on the areas of the body where the lymphatic drainage system is located with a rotating, vacuum motion.
a. They destroy fibrotic tissues
b. They start lipolysis through increasing the circulation in very deep tissues. Local temperature rises and fat cells shrink.
c. Drainage — releasing traps of deep fluid retention
2. Cups look like spheres
a. They can work on remittent or pulsation regime. They can be put on one place which is colder than others to rise the temperature and improve the circulation in the local area.
b. They might be used in a pulsation regime to penetrate to the level of muscles. These cups may be used as a pathway for the waist product and liquid . It should be done in the direction of lymphatic collectors. The goal of such movement is flowing out these waist products and fluids.
c. Our clear shape cups destroy fibrotic tissues. They stimulate the body to rise temperature in the local body area . These facts not only improve the microcirculation they also help new capillaries to grow and significantly stimulate the death of the fat cell process. d. Starvac sphere cups release traps of fluid retention and help to remove them from the body.
e. This is the only one solution in modern aesthetic medicine to help people with overweight issues using the potential of your own body and with long lasting results.v f. It is a solution for men to get rid of their belly without pain in a short time.
g. It is possible to start the Starvac sphere treatments at the level of “beginner, Intermediate and advance” usage.h. “Beginner” means using cups in a pulsing regime with the goal to reach deep tissues, up to the muscle level to make the treatment comfortable without pain.
i. “Intermediate” should be considered as applying “beginner" program for some areas and “advance” for others.
j. “Advance” application can stimulate microcirculation in precise areas as well as help the body to move fluids in the direction of lymphatic collectors.
3. Rollers with vacuum

Rollers “grab” the fold of the shin and roll along. The direction of such a movement depends on the goal. If the goal is to get body of superficial fluids the direction of the movement is towards the lymph collectors. If the aim is collagen process stimulation and skin lift it is a direction of the vector of tissues lifting. All of the roller movements give the skin smoothness and tightening as well as changing skin colour to the healthy one.

Starvac for face

The system should be considered as a starting tool and will address the following issues:
  • Double chin removal
  • Bags under eyes removal
  • Acne treatment
Starvac Detox and Working Out combining with IPL, RF, Fractional RF. Starvac is a must have treatment as a part of treatment for deformative and swollen type of aging.
You can read more about the in my book “Timeless Beauty — The Secret Science of Beautiful Skin beyond 40”.


Experience of a client after 10 Starvac lymphatic drainage massages
Starvac Detox and Working Out
Starvac Range Of Motions
Starvac and Reaction Result: body shape

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