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Relift — neck lift without surgery

05 December 2014 — 13:27

Relift treatment was developed especially for double chin removal and skin tightening in the neck area. The result is comparable with neck lift plastic surgery, but without all post surgery consequences and down time.

Relift treatment demands coming once per week ( or once per 2 weeks). The client sees a gradual improvement in the areas of jaw and neck:

  • fat removal
  • skin tightening in the neck
  • jaw line improvement

Why does double chin appear?

Double chins are a result of facial fat dropping due to gravity, damaged collagen, and lack of circulation in blood and lymph vessels due to compressed fatty tissue.  As we age, collagen production decreases resulting in the appearance of f lines and wrinkles.  Collagen fibers are surrounded by hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural water-loving substance. This substance also decreases throughout the aging process. 

In addition to the loss of collagen and HA, as the body ages muscles begin to deteriorate which also contributes to a flabby appearance around the lower part of the face and jaw line.

The lack of circulation in the lymphatic system is also a factor in the accumulation of facial fatty tissue. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to filter and discard waste and toxic material into the bloodstream. As we age, the body’s metabolism slows causing an increase in waste materials in the tissue.  This contributes to the appearance of tight swollen tissue due to the buildup of these toxins.

Relift — what does it mean?

A Relift uses a combination of advanced radiofrequency and vacuum technologies to remove fat and tighten loose skin. For fat removal, it is necessary to concentrate energy on the fat layer, and for the skin tightening - on the layer of collagen called dermis.  With this combined technology, the practitioner can employ precise targeting and broader dermal penetration to achieve maximum results in minimal time based on the patients’ needs.

Relift treatment demands for the optimal results 6—9 sessions, once every one—two weeks.


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