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Lymphatic Drainage Face Before and After

Lymphatic drainage face massage work is a fundamental step in most professional facials. Skin absorbs products better, improves microcirculation, and helps sculpt the muscles after lymphatic draainaage.

It's arguably the best part of the MedVSpa StarFace, as it not only improves skin appearance but also ensures a relaxing experience without Botox. Lymphatic drainage face before and aafter massage drains excess fluid and encourages blood flow.

Ahead, find out how this treatment can benefit your skin, how it works, and what to know before booking a session. 


What is a lymphatic drainage facial?

First, it helps to understand a bit about the lymphatic system: As a former Valmont trainer, Elena Zhdan told us that the lymphatic system is a network of many vessels and other organs that keeps body fluid function in balance. Lymph travels within the lymphatic system to help deliver nutrients while taking away toxins and waste, helping the body's natural detox process. 

Unlike the circulatory system, your lymphatic system doesn't have its own pump and becomes weak as aging progresses. “That’s what the lymphatic drainage massage treatments focus on," says celebrity esthetician Elena Zhdan. You have a high concentration of lymph nodes in your face and neck, and specific movements can help encourage flow. An esthetician might use their hands but a much more intense outflow from your face gets and better results are guaranteed by the Starvac lymphatic drainage treatment.

The skin, conditions like puffiness, bags under eyes, jaws, double chin, acne, dryness, dullness, and even skin sensitivity are improved and sometimes even resolved by Starvac lymphatic stimulation," Zhdan adds.


Lymphatic drainage treatment decreases face puffiness, and removes bags under the eyes, jowls, and double chin. Lymphatic drainage before and after pictures reflects the difference even after the first treatment. Starvac lymphatic drainage massage helps drain fluids full of toxins deflating any puffiness. 

Improves dull skin: "Lymphatic drainage has a tremendous impact on the appearance of your skin, especially if you are showing signs of lymphatic buildup," says the author Marina Vashkevich, the owner of MedVSPA. Clearing buildup and improving circulation help vital nutrients to reach the skin cells. Happy skin cells appear way more radiant, showing healthy and glossy skin. 

Can help with acne:  stagnant lymphatic system retains waste products, which cause acne, breakouts, and even full dry skin. As the lymphatic system accumulates more and more waste, it results in inflammation (and all acne stems from inflammation of some kind). Flushing out the wastes and encouraging their outflow, keep the skin from becoming congested and as the result, prevents breakouts and inflammation.

Massages the sinuses: If you suffer from allergies or any sinus complications/congestion, the lymphatic drainage massage is very beneficial for you! When the tissues in your nose swell up, sinuses passages become blocked. Lymphatic drainage facial helps evacuate some of that fluid, which is full of bacteria and clear the airways. The massage itself gently probes the sinuses, which is a lovely sensation if you're feeling blocked up.


How does it work? 

Every treatment is different, depending on the professional you see. However, MedVSpa aestheticians begin the lymphatic drainage treatment by applying Skeyndoor or Thalgo, serum, or oil to avoid any friction, and turn on Starvac system. Then comes the specialized movements with three types of little cups, using vacuum technology. Your expert starts from the area on the neck, moves up toward the face, and works outward through the face, neck, and decollate.

"You may find your esthetician incorporating the use of a small cup and different kinds of vacuum: pulses or even suction to enhance the draining experience,” Elena said. "These are a great tool with only one restriction: we use very light and gentle touch draining the lymphatic systems. You don't want to drag the skin, which can create lines or wrinkles, and even destroy fragile lymphatic vessels, ” Elena added.

That's why it's crucial to find a specifically trained esthetician in this type of facial, who knows exactly how to target the channels on your face, providing a more successful experience.


Who should get one? 

Considering lymphatic drainage treatment can result in a variety of skin concerns like puffiness, dryness, dullness, acne, etc. Any skin type benefits from a lymphatic drainage facial. 

Lymphatic drainage treatment helps remove swelling faster after the filler injections

If you are before 35 and consider filler injections, try a lymphatic drainage facial first. You might postpone injections because a lymphatic drainage facial will satisfy your needs. 

If you have a double chin and are not sure, if your double chin is related to fat or skin, try lymphatic drainage treatment first. Double chin appearance decreases 50% in many cases after the lymphatic drainage massage with Starvac. Bags under the eyes can be reduced up to 80% after one lymphatic drainage facial. 

Ask MedVSpa team how beneficial would be for you a lymphatic drainage facial. We have 10 years of experience with this treatment.


Risks & warnings.

A lymphatic drainage facial is associated with plenty of skincare benefits. However, it should not be confused with a basic facial massage. Starvac lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment with Starvac system, performed by a lymphatic drainage certified professional.

On that note, allow us to reemphasize how important it is to find the right professional for the lymphatic drainage treatment. "We suggest finding an aesthetician trained in this type of treatment," says Marina Vashkevich, R.N. and MedVSpa owner.  The treatment consists in gently pressing and rubbing the skin through the use of specific tools, techniques, and specialized movements to push the accumulated fluid under it. Lymphatic drainage treatment requires not only the very practiced hand but anatomy knowledge.

As for the service itself, it doesn’t require any downtime on the skincare front.  After all, it takes work for your body to flush out all of that accumulated waste! You also want to make sure to drink plenty of water post-treatment—after those excess fluids get released from the tissues, you want to continue to flush them out of the body.


The takeaway. 

Lymphatic drainage facial helps encourage circulation in the face, which makes the skin look brighter, reduces puffiness, and helps with double chin, eye bags, and breakouts. 

And if you're curious about other types of facials, make sure to browse our full guide —chances are you'll find one that suits your skincare goals. 

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