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Menopause and the Effect on Your Skin

27 July 2017 — 14:34

Menopause affects the internal body, as well as the skin.

Menopauseskin is a new term that we see in many popular blogs and magazines nowadays. Menopause and the Skin means that hormonal fluctuations have changed and don’t always play nicely with your skin. These changes starts to be mentioned even 10 years before the real menopause.

What menopausal women experience in skin changes?

Oily Skin: Estrogen-women's hormone level decreases. Whereas testosterone - men's hormone is no longer masked. Testosterone stimulates oil
glands to secrete thicker sebum. Women see it as oily skin and sometimes evaluate acne.

Facial Hair: Again blame the testosterone – often see more hair in the upper lips, cheeks and chin areas.

Sagging Skin and Wrinkles: Skin loss of collagen, hydration and supportive fat below the skin of the face, neck, hands and arms. Skin has less beneath so sags and wrinkles follow.

Elastosis: Lowered estrogen levels result in less production and repair not only collagen, but elastin as well in the deep layer of the skin. Skin sees as saggy,and unhealthy with a lot of dark spots.

Thinning upper skin layer: Because blood flow through the deep skin is reduced during menopause, superficial skin layer gets less nutrients and oxygen. Superficial layer becomes thinner and loses it career function. Reduction in the barrier function of the epidermis leads to dry skin.

Dark spots/Age Spots: Due to lack of regulation by estrogen, brown “age spots” appear on the face, hands, neck, arms and chest.

The number of pigment cells in the skin is reduced, but they are ready to be gathered, creating dark spots.

More Prone to Sun Damage With less number of pigment cells, body produces less of the protective melanin. Skin appears lighter but more prone for sun damage. Equate this with the more pronounced need for sunblock.

Menopause article source Dr. Diana Howard

Aesthetic medicine can’t affect the natural influence of hormonal changes, but there are a wide range of technologies and technics that can help combat the negatives.

Increasing the thickness of the skin and lightening of pigmentation helps to win the battle.

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