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Hyperpigmentation treatments

04 December 2014 — 17:45

Sun spots treatments


Hyperpigmentation is a kind of skin discolouration. It is appearance of brown, tan, or bluish patches usually on the forehead, upper cheeks, upper lip, and chin.

Hyperpigmentation treatments at medvspa Toronto and Fort MyersWhy does hyperpigmentation appear?

Hyperpigmentation means gathering together the cells named melanocytes. Mostly it caused by sun exposure (sun spots), but hormonal contraceptives  and pregnancy period are triggers for hyper pigmentation too. Predisposed factor for hyper pigmentation is 100% sun exposure.

In MEDVSPA Toronto we successfully handle with hyper pigmentation, sun spots treatment, using combination of such technologies as:

delivery in the deep skin layer a specially developed solution to remove the hyperpigmentation and prevent the appearance of new sun spots.

Before / After After treatment in Med V Spa clinic Toronto:

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