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How to get rig of forehead wrinkles

05 December 2015 — 12:28

Forehead lines treatment

How to get rid of Forehead Wrinkles at medvspa Toronto

Forehead lines treatmentForehead wrinkles treatment is different, comparing with the treatment of wrinkles on others parts of the skin.

The reason for the different forehead lines treatment is anatomy and physiology of the forehead area.

Unfortunately, products for skin hydration and turning over the cells do not give impressive results for wrinkles in forehead.

To get rid of the forehead wrinkles we use injections — free technologies such us:

To get rid of forehead lines we also use BOTOX and fillers Juvederm injections.

In order to prolong the live of Botox in medvspa we use deep tissue hydration treatment with the special peptides.

Our clinical results show that as the result of this combination, Botox on forehead wrinkles “works” longer — up to 9 month.

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