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How to get rid of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

05 December 2015 — 12:26

In order to get rid of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is necessary to provide the assessment and answer some questions:

How to get rid of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation1) Why does the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation appear


2) How deep in the skin iis it? Superficially in the epidermis or deeper in the dermis skin layer.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation might appear after:

  • infections,
  • allergic reactions,
  • mechanical injuries,
  • reactions to medications,phototoxic eruptions,
  • trauma (e.g., burns),
  • inflammatory diseases.

From the point of view of physiology of the process post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is caused by 1 of 2 mechanisms that result in either epidermal or dermal melanosis.

The superficial — epidermal inflammatory response, named dermatitis results in the release the products of inflammation alter the activity of both immune cells and melanocytes (pigment cells).

These inflammatory products stimulate epidermal — superficial pigment cells, causing them to increase the synthesis of melanin and subsequently to increase the transfer of pigment to the superficial dead skin cells.

Such increased stimulation and transfer of melanin  results in epidermal hyper pigmentation.

Deeper, dermal hyper pigmentation occurs when inflammation disrupts the basal cell layer, causing melanin pigment to be released and trapped by macrophages in the dermis.

To get rid of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation in Toronto we offer the combination of technologies:

To get rid of superficial post inflammatory hyper pigmentation we use diamond peel (microdermabrasion) combining with the needle free mesotherapy Infusion.  With the Viora brightening and lightening solution we reach of the result of the pigment lightening during the treatment.

To treat deeper post inflammatory hyper pigmentation medvspa in Toronto uses IPL technology. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Trios interacts with the pigment named melanin and destroys the pigment.

Medvspa in Toronto removes post inflammatory hyper pigmentation using the newest technology — Fractional RF — Vtouch combining with Infusion ( lightening and brightening solution).

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