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How to get rid of frown lines

04 December 2015 — 18:24

How to get rid of frown linesFROWN LINES are one of the most frustrating signs of aging. Frown lines people usually call vertical lines between eyebrows. Those vertical “frown” lines between eyebrows are known also as glabellar lines.

These lines appear as the result of constant muscle contraction, as emotions expression way. Excessive sun expose negatively influence on the c frown line appearance.

Why We Get Frown Lines?

Muscles movements process plays significant role in the process of the appearance of the frown lines.

But kids move their face muscles constantly and do not have such deep wrinkles on the forehead. Why?

Aging process is the reason for decreasing the amount of new collagen and elastin and the reason for replacing them by damaged elastin and collagen. Sun exposure aggravates such a condition.

In order to get rid of frown lines medvspa offers 2 ways:

  1. without injections
  2. with injections

1) To get rid of frown lines without injections

Medvspa in Toronto uses the combination of Reaction skin tightening with the infusion in the deep skin layer specific peptides. These peptides work like BOTOX on the way of interrupting the transmission of the nerve impulse.

2) To get rid of frown lines with injections

Medvspa in offers Botox injections. The number of units in the glabellar area can vary from 10 to 30.

Number of units of Botox depends on the

  • gender
  • age
  • skin thickness
  • muscle activities

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