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MEDVSPA Toronto, Canada

How Brides can Prepare for their Big Day with MEDVSPA Toronto

28 May 2016 — 10:43

Wedding day requires lots of preparation, it is a well known fact. You have to choose a caterer, invite friends and, the most important task, you have to select your gown.

Beauty treatments may also be part of your pre-wedding schedule, to correct and enhance areas that keep you from feeling less than your best on your special day.

MEDVSPA offers treatments designed with brides in mind, to address some of common concerns that may interfere with your natural wedding glow. Treatments with no downtime but giving significant and immediate results!


Acne Treatment

There are approximately nothings more stressful than an acne breakout in the midst of your wedding preparations.

MEDVSPA understands the importance of flaunting clear, beautiful skin at bay during this important time.

Our combination of technologies is successfully used to clear acne symptoms. Treatment is performed for wide range of skin types safely and effectively with the immediate result of glowing fresh looking skin without marks.


Refreshed  Bright Look

It’s hard not to let the stress and worry that typically accompanies wedding planning. All is shown up on your face when you finally make it to the big day.

Give your skin a boost before you walk down the aisle with MEDVSPA Infusion treatment.

This revolutionary device delivers high quality formulations as hyaluronic acid, Vit C, peptides  beneath the skin’s surface without needles, discomfort or downtime.

Clear up an oily complexion, brighten dull and tired skin and turn back the clock on early signs of aging.

As of now, that treatment is only available in Canada.


Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

You may be able to hide stretch marks beneath your wedding gown, but what happens when you head out on your beach honeymoon after the ceremony?

Forget about stretch marks using innovative treatment. This non-invasive treatment delivers heat far beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production and give a firmer and smoother  look to your skin. Vacuum therapy is also integrated into the technology to allow for deeper heat penetration and faster results.


This time of your life is so exciting and full of events you will remember for all your life.

Make sure you are ready to glow in front of your family and friends, as well as the cameras, with customized smart skin treatments designed just for you.

To learn more about MEDVSPA technologies call  416 922 2227 and get 15 min free consultation.

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