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11 December 2016 — 15:58


Did you know that the superficial wrinkles around eyes appear as the result of decreasing elasticity in the superficial layer of the skin and from dehydration? This type of wrinkle is very easy to correct. We do this by inserting Hyaluronic acid into the superficial layer of the skin. We use needle-free mesotherapy with INFUSION (a Nobel Prize winning technology) and for intensive hydration, we use ampoules of Hyaluronic acid which we insert into the superficial layer of the skin.

The result is visible immediately!

For stable and long lasting effects it is recommended to do 6 treatments.

Some interesting facts you should know about wrinkles around your eyes:

Crow’s feet – some clients prefer to call them mimic wrinkles, others say sunny wrinkles. Crow’s feet are the result of decreasing elasticity due to the aging process and/or UV damage.

There are 2 ways to remove these wrinkles:

1. to paralyze the muscles that surround eyes or

2. to rest ore the skin elasticity

Paralyzing Muscles:

In order to paralyze the muscles at this time, we only know one way – using BOTULOTOXIN type A or Botox as it is commonly named. It takes about 10 – 12 Units of substance to get a result and it is maintained by reinjecting the Botox with a needle around the eyes every 3 months.

Restoring Skin Elasticity:

To return elasticity to skin around eyes there are also 2 methods:

1. laser technology or

2. radio frequency technology (RF eye lift or skin tightening)

Laser Technology:

Using a Laser can result in skin damage and as a consequence, there is a period of recovery and rehabilitation. The question is how soon the skin is able to recover? Unfortunately aging skin does not have sufficient hydration and this process strongly demands it. Many clients who have undergone laser treatments experience skin dryness in the periorbital eye area even 3- 4 months after the treatment! This is because the skin does not have the required moisture to recover after the treatment. Dry and thin skin in fact becomes dryer and thinner.

Radio Frequency Technology:

Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening does not damage the top skin layer. So, there is no downtime period after RF skin tightening. RF goes directly into the layer of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and stimulates growth. In order to achieve an excellent result, the RF energy is delivered directly to the skin dermis. The thickness of the dermis in men and women varies based on age, skin type and thickness. Our leading edge technology calledReaction by VIORA allows us to switch the depth of penetration according to skin thickness.

We use a small headpiece with Reaction and we are able to adjust the frequencies to concentrate the energy directly to the precise layer of collagen and this is why the result is so amazing!

What is the recovery period using RF, especially in the case where the skin is dry and thin?

Firstly, the skin tightening process requires 6 treatments and this way the skin improves and tightens gradually over the 6 treatments. Secondly, we combine several treatments to prepare the skin. We use mesotherapy and bio revitalization before starting the Radio Frequency treatment. This approach gives our clients in Toronto and Russia the look they desire.

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