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How to get rid of droopy eyelid

04 December 2015 — 18:13

How to get rid of droopy eyesHow to get rid of droopy eyelid?

To get rid of droopy eyelid at medvspa Toronto we use the combination of the newest technologies in the medical aesthetic market :

Reaction — Radio Frequency technology and

Infusion needle free mesotherapy.


To get rid of droopy eyelid is necessary to shrink the skin layer in the upper eyelid.

  • Droopy eyelid treatment with Reaction based on the science if using RF (Radio Frequency) technology.

Heating the deep skin layer up to 43C immediately destroys damaged collagen cross links and stimulates the production of new collagen.

 We shrink and tighten the layer of sagging skin in the upper eyelid.

         Infusion mesotherapy works as the booster for the collagen formation. Peptides and Hyaluronic acid work as collagen booster to stimulate new collagen synthesis and getting rid of the droopy eyelids.

Droopy eyelid fix treatment after the Botox includes Reaction treatment in the areas of droopy eyelids.

Heat that Reaction delivers in the deep layer of the skin helps to lift the droopy eyelid immediately.

The result depends how many days passed after the Botox, injection.

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