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How to get rid of dark under eyes

04 December 2015 — 18:16

How to get rid of dark under eyes?

How to get rid of dark under eyesTo get rid of dark under eyes medvspa at Toronto developed a special program.

Program is based on the diagnostic.

  1. If dark under eyes is caused by hyperpigmentation, the treatment plan will include microdermabrasion, chemical peels and mesotherapy needle free with the especially developed brightening solution (brightening solution was developed especially for hyper pigmentation treatment)
  2. If dark under the eyes is caused by well developedvein system and thin,sagging  skin in the area around the eyes, Medvspa will use Reaction skin tightening for the collagen stimulation combining with Infusion needle free mesotherapy. The result of this therapy will be skin tightening under eyes, that helps to get rid of dark under eyes.
  3. In Toronto we also use Vtouch fractional RF helps to tighten the skin under eyes and removes hyper pigmentation.

To make a decision about the treatment plan for dark under eyes medvspa offers a free consultation.

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