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How to get rid of wrinkles around eyes

04 December 2015 — 18:23

Eye lift without surgery

Some interesting facts you should know about wrinkles around your eyes:


Crow’s feet — some clients prefer to call them mimic wrinkles, others say sunny wrinkles. Crow’s feet are the result of decreasing elasticity due to the aging process and/or UV damage.

Eye lift treatment

There are 2 ways to remove these wrinkles:

  • BOTOX to paralyze the muscles that surround the eyes
  • RF (Reaction) or fractional laser (V-touch) to restore the skin elasticity

Paralyzing the Muscles:

At this time there is only one known medical treatment available to paralyze these muscles – using BOTULOTOXIN type A commonly called Botox. It takes about 10 – 12 Units of the substance to get an optimal result which can be maintained by re-injecting the Botox in this area every 3 months.

Restoring Skin Elasticity:

There are two methods for restoring skin elasticity around the eyes:

  • laser technology
  • radio frequency technology (RF eye lift or skin tightening)

Eye lift with Laser Technology:

Using a Laser can result in skin damage. The skin recovers after such a damage producing the collagen. We use fractional laser V-Touch to make the recover period shorter.

Eye lift with Radio Frequency Technology (REACTION):

Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening does not damage the top layer of the skin- no downtime. RF goes into the layer of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which stimulates growth. Reaction allows us to switch the depth of penetration according to skin thickness in order to see an immediate result.

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