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What are some factors that make Rosacea flare up?

19 January 2016 — 12:35

What are some factors that make Rosacea flare up?

Hot liquids and hot foods — a rosacea flare factor doesn't necessarily have to do with the spiciness of the food, but rather the temperature of the food. Sometimes spicy foods by themselves are a flare factor. Flare factors aren't the same for everyone. Individuals have to get to know for themselves what their own flare factors are, so that they can avoid them. If they decide that they want a nice glass of vintage red wine and don't care if their face is going to flare up, at least they know what is going to happen and they will have accepted it. Once you recognize your flare factors, you can modify them so that you have some control over flare-ups.

What are the different types of rosacea?!

There are actually different subtype of rosacea. Rosacea can just be a central facial redness — erythematotelangiectatic rosacea — that may wax and wane and can be associated with symptoms such as itching, burning, and stinging. People with rosacea will often have dry, flaky skin. Other patients have papulopustular rosacea; in addition to redness they will develop papules and pustules that tend to fluctuate over time! 

It's important to differentiate those two subtypes because they often respond differently to treatment. !with rosacea fear the phymatous type, but the majority will not develop phymatous rosacea, which is good news.

There is also the phymatous type of Rosacea in which the individual develops a bulbous nose (like W.C. Fields). This occurrence is more typical in men than in women. People with rosacea fear the phymatous type, but the majority will not develop phymatous rosacea, which is good news.

How do we treat Rosacea?!

Patients need to understand that we've come a long way in the area of Rosacea treatment (a client will need at least 5 treatments)

BUT THE RESULT IS VISIBLE AFTER THE 1st. We can help patients get their rosacea under better control.

Photos befor and after treatments in MEDVSPA clinics:

With treatments we:

  • destroy broken capilliaries (instead of these, new healthy capillaries will grow)
  • stop the inflamation process (pustules and papules cases)
  • return even colour to the skin
  • deeply hydrate the skin

In MEDVSPA clinics we use a comprehensive approach to treat Rosacea:

  • a very specific and gentle MICRODERMABRASION and very soft LYMPHADRAINAGE massage (stimulation of epidermal-superficial cells to grow). New cells have higher immunity levels and are better hydrated (70% comparing with 10%)
  • IPL Photofacial (destroy broken capillaries, stop inflammation process, make the skin tone even)
  • needle free MESOTHERAPY (without additional damage to the capillaries, we deliver substances that help new capillaries to grow, make the wall of capillaries thicker, build up a new collagen and HYDRATE the skin on a very deep level.

Know that every case is different. In order to get more information about ROSACEA.

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