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Factors that demonstration predisposition to cellulite

04 July 2016 — 10:51

Who is predisposed to have cellulite?

There are some groups of conditions and factors that demonstration predisposition to cellulite.

1. Family history:

  • hereditary endocrine-metabolic syndromes
  • common nutritional deficiencies

2. Body structure:

  • postural and spinal column alterations as these problems are associated with an inadequate footwear

3. Hormonal dependent conditions:

  • patients consuming estrogen or hormonesupplemented food
  • patients suffering from hormone disfunction
  • intake of estro-progestagens, such as birth-control pills and food preservatives These hormones stimulate interstitial liquid retention.

4. Food:

  • patients consuming estrogen or hormonesupplemented food
  • excess of sugar and fat consumption

5. Somatic disorders:

  • disorders of the intestinal flora
  • depressive anxiety or languid, apathetic, and body dysmorphic disorder (Phillips, 1997)

6. Behaviour:

  • external compression such as tight clothing does not help the lymphatic and microcirculatory system because it creates metabolic hypoxia
  • sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity or having constipation are contributory factors
  • smoking, which slows down microcirculation in the cutaneous arterioles and creates cutaneous hypoxia.

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