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Sun spots on chest

04 December 2015 — 17:58

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation: Brown sun spots

Sun Spots treatment at MEDVSPA Toronto

Sun spots in the  chest area, or décolleté, is an area of our bodies which is frequently neglected during our daily skin care routine and is often subjected to greater amounts of sun exposure.

Sun spots or brown sun spots  is a real problem especially i on the décolletage area, because the skin here is more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body; it is less hydrated, has less elasticity, and has minimal fat tissue.

Consequently, this skin in this area is more likely to show signs of aging with dryness, hyperpigmentation and age spots. This can cause a noticeable contrast between the skin on the face and the discolored skin on the chest. Furthermore, when a woman sleeps on her side, the breasts fall together and create lines and wrinkles between the breasts and up the chest.

To treat the sun spots we use Trios by Viora is our Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) treatment which is a very popular, highly effective, and non-invasive treatment used to improve several types of skin conditions. It will remove/reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, and superficial hyperpigmentation resulting in a more even skin tone.  It also promotes the production of collagen thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and leaving your skin more radiant and younger looking.

Hyperpigmentation removal treatment involves an intense pulsed  light (IPL) which is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the treatment area. Without damaging the skin, the light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the abnormally dilated vessels or pigmentation. The heat causes damage to the vessel or lesion, and the body begins its natural healing process. In most cases, the lesion will darken before it flakes off or the body absorbs it. Patients have a high degree of satisfaction with their results.

After sun spots treatment patients can expect to see a gradual decrease in age spots, freckling, irregular pigmentation, and fine lines. Your body will continue to produce collagen several months after your last treatment. Your skin will improve with each treatment feeling smoother and you will have a more even skin tone, regain elasticity and gain a more youthful look.

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