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How to lose belly fat

04 December 2015 — 17:59

How to lose belly fat?

How to lose belly fatTo lose belly fat rapidly, MedVSpa in Toronto uses three different types of technologies.

We not only target the localized abdominal fatty tissue, but we also focus on the metabolic processes of the body.

STARVAC — Removes toxins through an intensive 45 minute full-body lymphatic drainage massage; changes food behavior and metabolic processes.

REACTION — Kills fat cells and reduces dimples in the skin.

INFUSION — Inserts lypolitics and peptides into the deep skin tissue to intensify metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

Using Starvac, Reaction, and Infusion, we are able to achieve the following goals for each client:

  1. Detoxification as the result of lymphatic drainage stimulation.
  2. Vein and arteries widening as a result of lypolisys.
  3. Stimulation of the resolution of fatty tissue as a result of radiofrequency heat technology.
  4. Decrease in food consumption which is the trigger for body weight loss.

Although science still does not know the precise reason for cellulite formation, many theories have been formulated based on response to specific treatments.  The most commonly accepted theories regarding how to get rid of belly fat include:

  • Accumulation of free water
  • Damage and alteration to collagen structures
  • Weakening and/or constriction of lymphatic vessels

We work on the level of fat that is nearly impossible to destroy by diets and exercise.

To lose belly fat, we recommend 10 treatments (1-2 treatment per week).

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