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how to get rid of cellulite

02 July 2016 — 15:20

There are some strategies of the successful treatments of the cellulite.

Because the mine concern of the appearance of cellulite is problem with microcirculation, the Cellulite treatment step N1 is improvement of microcirculation.

Cellulite - HOW TO TREATActivation of microcirculation helps to activate fast drainage and lipolytic processes, using the natural body systems of regulation. It is a well known fact that the best and quickest way to stimulate microcirculation and lymph drainage is vacuum mechanical massage. Hand massage is good, but it is not comparable with the massage, performed with modern systems, systems developed especially for stimulation of drainage and microcirculation. Massage with systems not only improve the flow of lymph with waste products, but increase the vein outflow from the lower extremities and increase the cellular respiration.

Cellulite treatment step N2 stimulation of lypolisis. Lypolisis means that the fat cell should be decreased in size. To shrink the fat cell is possible to use technology as Radiofrequency, ultrasound, massage. Radiofrequency rises the temperature in the level of fat and shrink or kill the tat cell.

System massage Starvac destroys the fat cell rising the local temperature, also it stimulate the metabolic processes.

Cellulite treatment step N3 collagen formation. Collagen formation should be considered as collagen to build up the vascular wall. Cellulite destroys wholeness (entirety) of it and as the result, interstitial swelling of the fat layer appear. In addition, collagen rebuilding of the septs inside of the fat cells, shrink the fibrosis area.

One of my clients, who are on treatments every other week, asks me “Why do you scientists are not able to focus to find 100% resultative treatment for cellulite and make it (cellulite) irreversible?”“Because of skin physiology”, is my answer.

Do not believe to marketing, which offers you fast and permanent result of the cellulite treatment. I would like to make it clear why we constantly straggle with cellulite and celebrate victory only for period of time.

Also, I want to clarify, that cellulite is not only aesthetic condition, it is the sign of body toxicity and bad microcirculation.


From the book Marina Vashkevich “What MEDSPA experts do not want you to know about beauty treatments”

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