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Cellulite: How to Treat with STARVAC

18 January 2017 — 14:02

There are strategies available for the treatment of cellulite with Starvac.

Cellulite treatment consists of 4 steps to give a long lasting and grate result.

These steps are based on the goals:

  • lymphatic drainage and microcirculation,
  • fat removal,
  • skin tightening,
  • fibrotic tissues destruction

Step 1 — improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Activation of microcirculation helps to activate not only fast drainage of fluids and waist products , but also fat removal processes. Natural body systems are used for this regulation.

The best and quickest way to stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage is a vacuum mechanical massage. Hand massage is also good, but it isn’t comparable with the massage performed with technologies. Modern systems like Starvac are developed especially for stimulation of the deepest drainage and microcirculation. Massages with systems not only improve the flow of lymph with waste products but also increase the vein outflow from the lower extremities and increase cellular respiration. Clients feel “easy” after such a massage and have much more energy just because of body detox.

Step 2 is stimulation of lipolysis — fat cells removal. Basically, lipolysis means that the fat cells should be decreased in size. It is possible to shrink fat cells using of various technologies, but vacuum mechanical massage is the only one technology that uses own body to do this job. The result of the lipolysis is inch loss.

Step 3 is collagen formation. Collagen rebuilds structures called septa inside the fat skin layer and shrinks the fibrosis area. Starvac reaches this goal through microcirculation improvement. Tighten, silky and even skin is the result of such efforts.

Step 4 is bumps or fibrosis removal. Starvac allows to work very deep in the tissues to destroy fibrotic structures. Moreover, fat cells shrinkage and improvement of microcirculation helps to reach the goal of even skin much faster. To sum up, Cellulite is a complicated physiological condition that demands to work with lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, fat removal, skin tightening and fibrotic tissues destruction to reach the result.

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