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3D lymphadrainage massage with Reaction

11 December 2015 — 16:29

Any type of body treatments should be started from the drainage of the tissues. The trigger pathogenetic mechanism of such aesthetic problems as aging skin, cellulitis, excessive weight, the syndrome of heavy legs, acne is the lymphostasis and retention of water inside of the tissue.

Tiina Orasmyae- Meder

According to the human anatomy, lymphadrainage and circulatory systems are responsible for the processes of interaction between tissues and organs. As a result, the intensity of micro circulation depends on the intensity interstitial exchange, that has such consequences as volume of the tissues and balance of storage and removal of the fat.

The well developed capillary net has influence on the speed of aging and way of aging process.

From the point of anatomy, the lymphatic and circulatory systems are very close one to another. Both of them have well developed net of capillaries and vessels. These vessels and capillaries have well developed elasticity of the vessels walls. This function helps to move liquid in the direction that is opposite of the gravity. In addition, these vessels have valves that hinder the stream of lymph and blood to move in opposite direction.

The venous blood and lymph is pushing by anatomical pump. The most important oft here pumps is diaphragm pump. The significant role also plays big muscles of lower limbs and foot pump. As a result, lymphatic duct fall into vena safena magna and lymph is mixes with venous blood.

The lymphatic system returns water and proteins from the intersticional space into the blood flow, and is responsible for the fat transport and plays barer and defense role. The function of the venous system is : venous system removes the blood that contains metabolic products and carboxy dioxide from tissues and organs.


  • serious circulatory problems
  • severe cardiac disease
  • pregnancy, treatment should only be started two month after the birth
  • evolutive disease ( cancer, tumors..)
  • open wounds, skin irritation
  • filler injection( one month before starting a treatment)
  • Botox injection( wait one week before starting a treatment)



Rising the amount of the interstitial liquid ,as the result of the not sufficient function of the lymphatic system and increasing the diameter of veins vessels and as the result the consolidation of the volume of the liquid in them( especially in the vessels of legs)as the result of venous insufficiency might be a trigger for many aesthetic problems and even defects.

The syndrome of heavy legs. People feel heaviness in legs and say" burning feet", "tight shoes"," need bigger size of the shoes". Many clients complain of swollen angles after flight or long time sitting. CELLULITE- when the first role plays the oedema in the tissues. Stuck in lymphadrainage and VENOUS STUCK are the trigger factors in the pathogenesis of the cellulite. When this condition is becoming worse, the local fat amount can increase in size and as a consequence, the local oedema is spreading.

Stopping the process of weight loss when the person is on the diet and physical exercising program with the target to loose weight.

The lymphatic system is responsible for the transport of fat. The stuck in lymphadrainage might influence negatively on the process of lipolisis BROKEN CAPILLARIES

The reason for the appearance of broken capillaries on the face and body is decreasing the venous flow. As a result of this process the diameter of veins increases. The straight consequence of the rising of veins diameter is the damaging of the wall of vessels. The result of this process is double chin and uneven jaw area.

Changing the skin supplying with the blood- dry skin, scales on the skin, foot keratinization process,hyper keratosis in the areas of back and arms.

Lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of the products of metabolism and liquids from the body. Lymphatic system influences on the processes of keratinization ( removing dead cells from the surface of the skin) and skin feeding. Because of significant lymphostasis the skin on the face , feet, ankles becomes dry.

Aging process aggravation

The chronical lymphostasis and rising the ammount of metabolic products and CO2 in the tissues as a result of poor circulation has the result of aggravation of aging process


Influence on the processes of lymphadrainage in 3 different levels:

– lymphatic organs( collectors and nodules)

– pomps( muscular, feet, diaphragm, sternal)

- vessels and capillaries

Selectivity of influence: different depth of impact- 3 levels. The significant condition- superficial influence on the depth of vessels and capillaries. Ritmicity: slow speed of treatments , remembering that the speed of flow of venous blood and lympha is much lower than arterial blog flow

Targets and effects of massage

Improving the micro circulation and blood flow

Relaxing effect

Blood wall sickness effect

Drainage effect

Preparing for the process of loosing weight

Anti acne effect

Therapy of heavy legs Removing of retained liquids

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