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10 August 2015 — 15:23

Changes as acne scars, uneven skin texture, large pores, pigmentation irregularity- are signs of post acne.

To get rid of acne scars in short period of time is impossible using only microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Acne scars are deep structures that are shown on the surface, whereas damage the medium layer of the skin, named dermis. Chemical peels and microderms do not allow to work on the depth that acne scars demand to be removed.

To get rid of acne scars the technology should work in some ways:

  • remove damaged collagen (deep skin)
  • stimulate the synthesis of new collagen (deep skin) to lift up the scar
  • burn off the superficial skin layer with the aim of skin resurfacing
  • have a good cooling system to make the treatment pain tolerable
  • be safe for darker skin types
  • guarantee the client minimum down time, or better no social down time.

Fractionated radio frequency (RF) V-touch is the technology that gives the result of acne scars significant improving even after one treatment.


With the use of bipolar fractional RF, the electric field produces a pyramid-shaped thermal injury zones with the minimum damage of epidermis ( superficial skin layer) and more significant damage of the layer of collagen, named dermis. Using V-touch aims to enhance collagen synthesis in the scar indentation at deeper layers, whereas some degree of surface damage works as ablation of the scar edges.

The enhanced collagen synthesis at deeper layers improves the appearance not only scars, but also wrinkles and folds, reducing their depth. Superficial skin damage ( ablation) is resulting in a more uniform skin surface improving texture, shrinking pore size, and removing hyper pigmentation.

The recovery time and pigmentary complications are minimal.

For Asians who have high risk of hyper pigmentation Fractional RF V-touch protocol demands using especially developed solution with Infusion( needle free mesotherapy) to prevent the risk of post treatment hyper pigmentation immediately after the treatment.

Comparing with non-ablative resurfacing, V-touch increases efficacy and results. Faster recovery time differs V-touch with complete ablative resurfacing.

Fractional devices, which are becoming increasingly popular, offer the potential benefits of full-surface skin resurfacing while minimizing risk and recovery time.

Fractional RF V-touch helps to get rid of acne scars, decreases the depth of wrinkles, gives the effect of skin tightening and improves skin texture even after one single treatment.

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